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Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I had soccer games and on Sunday went to a much needed girls brunch to celebrate a girlfriend of mine.  The mimosas were flowing and the company was great.  So overall it was a great weekend.

So this Monday I’m bringing you a more business casual look.  You could easily wear to work or out to a nice dinner.   Anytime I can throw in some animal print I will, so pairing the outfit with leopard heels just seemed fitting.  🙂  There are endless options with pairing these pants with different tops.   Since the pants have a high waist you could wear a cropped top, sweater, bodysuit, knotted tee.  The best thing to do is play around with it and try on different styles until you find one that fits you and makes you comfortable.



Today I’ve paired the pants with a black bodysuit, cream blazer, leopard heels and a pop of pink for my bag.  I’ll link everything at the bottom as well as different options for the pants.




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How To Make A Whiskey Sour

It’s Friday and as I’m sitting here typing this I’m secretly doing the happy dance.  With Halloween this past week, our girls have been all out of sorts and crazy from sugar and lack of sleep.  As I put up Halloween decorations to get Thanksgiving out, I’m constantly reminded how time flies.  I’m going to soak in as much as I can with my family this Holiday season.

So this week on cocktail Friday I’m bringing you a Whiskey Sour.  This recipe is my mother’s and oh so good.  We have Sunday dinner at my parents house almost weekly and every few Sunday’s she’ll make a new cocktail for everyone.   The Sunday she made these…lets just say we were all laughing and feeling like we were having hot flashes.  So be careful because this one is on the stronger side.  One is definitely enough, but to each their own.  This cocktail is actually really easy to make.  Check out recipe below.





Whiskey Sour Mix

Orange Liquor


Orange (optional)

How to make

This makes 1 serving

  1. Place 2 or 3 cherries and 1 slice of orange (the orange is optional)  in the bottom of your shaker and muddle together.
  2. Pour 3 ounces of bourbon, 2 ounces of whiskey sour mix and 1 ounce orange liquor.
  3. Shake and pour over ice.
  4. Drink and enjoy



Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know how you like it!




Wednesday on the Gram!

It’s Halloween and I’m not talking about candy, costumes or even drinks! 😊  I’m talking about my love of pattern mixing.  Well not talking about it… more or less showing you.  Everybody already knows I love leopard, faux leather pants and plaid.  Put them all together and I’m one happy girl.  I love the feminine yet edgy look of this.  It’s perfect for all occasions! Well…except for today on Halloween.  Ha!  One of the things I love about these pieces are the prices.  The Spanx faux leather leggings are the most expensive but well worth the investment.  I’ve had mine for 2 years now and they still look brand new and haven’t stretched out.  ***side note- I’ve owned other pairs from other stores and within a few months, they faded and were no longer fitted*** So when I say this is the best pair I’ve ever owned, I truly mean it.  I’m not getting paid to say that either! 😉

Moving on…I love this plaid blazer coat and leopard booties because they’re a great price and something you should have in your closet.  Both are hot as far as trends go and would go with most anything.

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween!  I’ll be trying to convince my kids to donate their candy!  Is that even a thing? 🤔…maybe it should be!



plaidnordrackjacket   spanx   expressshirt   expressboots   versona necklace   dillards bag    luluscoat

Favorite Lounge Wear

My absolute favorite lounge wear are leggings and some sort of cotton top.  I’m probably in this or workout clothes most days during the week.  It’s comfy and easy to do all the kid stuff in.  The days of wearing heels daily are out.  Well, who am I kidding…I never wore heels daily.  Being a Dental Hygienist I’ve always worn dental shoes.  😉

Anyways, I’ve always shopped at Loft because their clothes fit me really well and they run great sales all the time.   I was really excited when a Loft Outlet opened up near me a few months back.  You can still shop all of Loft clothes, but for even more of a discount.  Win Win for me! If you’re near an outlet I would recommend checking out.  I’ll link everything at the end.



loftoutlet   expressshirt   loftleggins   target shoes

How To Make An Iced Cinnamon Cream

How is it Friday again.  I feel like I was just telling you how I drink a pumpkin beer and yet I sitting  here and typing how to make a Iced Cinnamon Cream.  I decided to do this one because it’s very similar to a White Russian, but made with rum instead of vodka.  Don’t get me wrong, you will probably see a blog post from me on how I make a White Russian, but not today! 🙂

I’m not sure if this drink has a name or if it’s something I just came up with.  We were running low on vodka and I had to make due. Whatever way I stumbled upon it, it was delicious and my husband and I have been drinking it ever since.  We decided to name it the Iced Cinnamon Cream because well it taste like cinnamon and cream.  I do use almond milk in mine because I don’t drink cows milk, but cream or cow milk would be just fine in this.  I usually only have one because it’s on the sweeter side and it’s really strong.  I mean…it’s pretty much straight rum.  So be careful people. 😂    I decided to dress it up and make it “scary” since Halloween is next week, but feel free to omit the spider!

So I’ll get straight to the recipe because 1. You’re not here to listening to me talk and 2. You probably hate scrolling through everything just to find the recipe!




Black Rum ( Any type of rum will work though)

Cinnamon Rum Cream ( I use this because it’s cheaper and you can find at any liquor store)

Milk ( I use this but feel free to use any milk or cream you like)



How To Make

Pour equal parts rum to cinnamon cream rum in a shaker.  Add a splash of milk or up to 1oz of milk.  It’s already creamy from the rum cream so not much milk is needed.  Shake and pour over ice.  That’s it.  Super simply and really tasty!

To make a single serve:  ratios are as followed

2 oz rum, 2 oz cinnamon rum cream and 1 oz milk



Hope you enjoy



For the love of camo!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had our annual Halloween party (adults only) last night and I’m realizing this mamma can’t hang like I used too.  There were definitely lots of naps today.

This years fashion trends have been all about animal prints, bright colors and camo.  It’s everywhere these days.  I remember back in the day the only people that wore camo were hunters and I thought to myself that “camo” wasn’t really my thing.  Ha, now I’m wearing on the regular! 🙂  Every top designer has some sort of camo in their collections.

I wore this camo dress out to dinner with the family this past weekend.  I styled it with a long cardigan to help with it being cooler now in the South and the fact I usually freeze in restaurants.   It’s super soft, the length is perfect and you can wear tennis shoes with it! I mean what more can you want!  Some other options that would look great would be white boots, denim jacket, a gray or black cardigan or just wearing as is.  You really have so many options.

Hope you guys enjoy! I’ll link everything below!




expresscamo   cardigan   target shoes    kendrahoops   6thboroughboutique   kate spade

Saturday on the Gram!

Good morning everyone!  This is going to be short and sweet because my husband and I are hosting a Halloween Party tonight!  Might I add it’s kid free too…. A nap will most likely be calling my name on Sunday! 😂

***This is my first time posting a flat lay, but wanted to show you before the sweatshirt and maxi sell out. ***

I bought this maxi skirt from Belle Boutique a few weeks back and it’s the comfiest maxi skirt I own.  I wear it non stop and almost every weekend.  I have worn it dressed up with heels, but the majority of the time I’m wearing it with my Converse and some sort of sweatshirt or tshirt.  It is the most comfortable thing to just throw on and go run errands in.  The sweatshirt is from Nordstrom Rack and is at a great price point.  Animal print is everywhere these days and with the Fall here and Winter upon us it’s a great versatile piece to have in your closet.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Links to everything are below.



belleskirt    nordracksweater    converse   jord watch    jcrewearrings   6thboroughboutique